Flight Training

A Private Pilots Licence is required to fly microlights in the UK, but the microlight rating is significantly easier and cheaper to obtain than traditional light aircraft ratings. The current NPPL(microlight) licence minima are as follows;

  • 25hrs total flying time to include;
  • 10hrs solo
  • 5 ground exams (Air law, Aircraft Technical, Human Performance & Limitations, Meteorology and Navigation)
  • A General Skills Test flight undertaken with an examiner
  • 5hrs Navigation training
  • 2x Qualifying solo Cross-country flights of 40nm or more

You can also qualify for a Restricted licence (which only requires 15hrs total flying to include 7hrs solo, and which does not require the Navigation elements to be completed). This restricts you to local area flying only, but can be a useful way to get airborne for those with limited budget or time.

In practice, the course is both interesting and fulfilling, and easily within the capabilities of anyone (and we mean ANYONE!) with enthusiasm for the sport. Microlights are, by their very nature, easy to fly with a high level of inherent safety. The theoretical subjects are enjoyably learnt, and we offer one-to-one ground school sessions to help you with the simple multiple-choice exams.

We can take anyone with an interest in the sport from their first lesson through to licence completion. Most people will complete their course using our school aircraft, but those keen enough to purchase their own machine suitable for training can enjoy cheaper rates.

Current Prices

Trial Flights
30 minutes £80
1 hour £140
“Flying Start” Experience (Cross-country flight) £280
Tuition per hour
School aircraft £120
Own Aircraft Dual £84
Own Aircraft Solo £42
Ground School (per hour) £25
Written Exam £25
General Skills Test (in addition to applicable hourly rate) £60
10hr block tuition school aircraft £1120
25hr Course Package- saving nearly £300!
(includes everything required for a course minima; 25hrs training on school aircraft, 5 exams, 10hrs ground school, GST test fee, 1yr club membership. Extra training required to be paid for separately)
1yr Club Membership (April-April) £60
Mileage (travelling to your airfield for Skills Tests, checkflights etc.) is charged at BMAA recommended rate

Quoted time is based on engine runtime, and will include a full briefing & debriefing as appropriate. All prices are subject to change, correct as of 31/01/2017. Block payments are non-refundable, and may require a holding deposit if an intensive course is required. Trial lessons include day membership of the club.